Boyd leads sheriff's field in fundraising, spending

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Davis has largest war chest as of end of second quarter

Recently-filed campaign finance reports show that Barry County sheriff candidate Danny Boyd, R-Purdy, led his opponents in fundraising and spending during the second quarter.

A Cassville police officer, Boyd raised $3,300 and spent $2,696.53. He barely outpaced former FBI agent Gary Davis, R-Cassville, who raised $3,190 and spent $2,628.34.

Former highway patrolman Travis Hilburn, R-Cassville, raised $1,800 and spent $2,077.60; Cassville officer James A. Smith, R-Aurora, raised $1,462.14 and spent $749.71; and Barry County deputy Terry Meek, R-Washburn, raised $1,298.25 and spent $1,600.51.

No reports were available from Cassville officer Justin Fohn, R-Cassville, and Barry County deputy Justin Ruark of Cassville, the presumptive Democratic nominee. Reports are not required for candidates who spend less than $1,000.

As of the beginning of July, Davis had by far the largest war chest of any candidate with $1,911.66 cash on hand. Boyd had $703.47, Smith had $512.43, Meek had $502.74, and Hilburn had $272.43.

Danny Boyd


Boyd's largest contribution came from Kent Longley of Cassville, who contributed $2,000 on April 8. Bill House of Purdy, who is employed by Tyson, contributed $1,000 on April 9, and Bud Oltman of Cassville contributed $300 on April 4.

Boyd paid a total of $2,010.42 to SignTec of Aurora for campaign signs, and $591.11 to Adreneline Apparel of Monett for campaign shirts and hats.

Gary Davis


Davis contributed a total of $2,000 to his own campaign -- $1,000 on May 15 and $1,000 on June 28. Farmer Glen Erwin of Washburn contributed $500 on May 28, and insurance agent Burl Mitchell of Cassville contributed $250 on May 24.

Davis' largest expenditure was $708.32 to Print Group of Aurora for signs. He paid Heartland Signs of Boys Town, Neb., $515.67 for signs; purchased $375 in advertising from the Cassville Democrat; paid $310.46 to Litho Printers of Cassville for business cards and campaign cards; paid $217.14 to Heartland Signs for pens; and purchased $156.75 worth of advertising from the Barry County Advertiser.

Travis Hilburn


Hilburn's largest contribution was $500 from Harvey Hilburn of Cassville. He received $200 each from James A. Thorpe of Cassville, Howard Lynn Hilburn of Cassville, and Everett Denny Jr. of Aurora. Hilburn also contributed $200 to his own campaign on April 14. Conard Black of Aurora contributed $100.

Hilburn's largest expenditure was a total of $900 for banners from Jeremy Huse Photography. He paid $529.41 to Stars and Stripes Silkscreening & Embroidery Inc. for signs and $393.73 to Litho Printers for brochures.

James A. Smith


Smith gave $562.14 to his own campaign on June 25, and made an in-kind contribution of $300 to his own campaign on April 15. His biggest outside contribution was from Charli Jo Epperly of Cassville, who works for the Crane School District. She contributed $400 on June 6 and $100 on April 15.

Chloe Epperly of Cassville, owner/operator of Tomblin's Jewelry and Gifts, contributed $100. Smith did not report any expenditures 
exceeding $100.

Terry Meek


Meek loaned his campaign $1,198.25 on June 2. He did not report any contributions exceeding $100.

Meek's biggest expense was $451.59 to Sports World of Cassville for t-shirts. He purchased $375 in advertising from the Cassville Democrat; spent $160.55 at Sam's Club in Rogers, Ark., for supplies; paid $132.86 to Vista Print for brochures; and paid $111.67 to Banners on the Cheap of Texas for banners.

Primary is Tuesday


The Republican candidates will face off in the Tuesday primary. The GOP nominee will face Ruark in November's general election.

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