Cassville man arrested for assault, resisting arrest

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Intoxicated 24-year-old fights, threatens to kill police officer, deputies

A Cassville man is being held in the Barry County jail for allegedly assaulting a Cassville resident, then resisting arrest and threatening to kill a Cassville officer and two Barry County Sheriff's Office deputies.

Nicholas Wolfe, 24, of Cassville, is charged with resisting arrest, first-degree assault and armed criminal action in one circuit court case, and he is also charged with misdemeanor assault of law enforcement in a second case.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Justin Fohn, officer with the Cassville Police Department, Wolfe was allegedly intoxicated and visiting the victim in a home on 14th Street.

"[The victim said Wolfe] had been drinking and became too intoxicated to drive, so [the victim] took his keys," Fohn said in the statement. "[The victim said Wolfe] grabbed him and would not let go and told him if he did not let go he would hit him to get him off. [The victim said he] punched Wolfe several times and Wolfe let go and then pulled out a knife and tried to stab him.

"[The victim said] he ran into the house and Wolfe stabbed the hood of his truck and then ran up to the house and started stabbing the door and punching the glass and then tried to pry the door open with a knife."

According to Fohn's statement, a witness on the scene corroborated the victim's story.

After Wolfe allegedly stabbed the door, the victim threw Wolfe's keys out and he took off.

Fohn and Barry County Sheriff's Deputy Al Zabala found Wolfe 25 minutes later in bed at his home and attempted to arrested him. After walking up the stairs, Wolfe allegedly tried to pull away and, using expletives, said he would not go with the Cassville police.

Wolfe then allegedly pushed Zabala and Fohn to the ground, and Deputy Chris Hutson came to assist in controlling Wolfe.

"While holding Wolfe down and trying to apply leg restraints, Wolf kicked [me] and Deputy Zabala and Deputy Hutson," Fohn said in the statement. "While placing Wolfe in the back of the patrol car he told [me], Deputy Zabala and Deputy Hutson that when we got to jail and the restraints were off he was going to kill us."

Once at the jail, Wolfe allegedly continued resisting officers, attempting to kick them while they were getting him out of the vehicle.

"Once inside the jail Wolfe continued to fight and resisted us while placing him in the restraint chair," Fohn said. "While placing Wolfe into the restraint chair, he told [me] he was going to kill [me], Deputy Brandi Phillips, Deputy Hutson, Deputy Zabala and [a jailer]."

Wolfe is being held in the jail on a $30,000 bond. For the three felonies, he was arraigned and has a disposition hearing slated for July 28 at 8:30 a.m. in the courtroom of Judge Robert Foulke. For the misdemeanor, arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday in Foulke's courtroom.

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