Poll: Hilburn holds slim lead in sheriff's race

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nearly 37 percent of voters still undecided

Travis Hilburn 18%

A recent poll of Barry County registered voters shows that former highway patrolman Travis Hilburn of Cassville is clinging to a slight lead outside the margin of error for the Republican nomination for Barry County sheriff, with many voters undecided.

In the Thursday Monett Times poll of 540 registered voters likely to vote in the Republican primary, Hilburn garnered 18.15 percent (98 responses). His closest challengers were former FBI agent Gary Davis of Cassville, who had 13.52 percent (73 responses), and Cassville officer Danny Boyd of Purdy, who had 13.33 percent (72 responses).

Gary Davis 14%
Danny Boyd 13%

Rounding out the field was Barry County deputy Terry Meek of Washburn (9.26 percent, 50 responses), Cassville officer James A. Smith of Aurora (9.26 percent, 42 responses), and Cassville officer Justin Fohn of Cassville (1.11 percent, 6 responses).

"Undecided" had more votes than any candidate, with 36.85 percent of voters (199 responses) saying they had yet to make up their minds.

The scientific poll had a 4.16 percent margin

of error, meaning each individual result could be 2.08 percent higher or lower than results indicate.

Terry Meek 9%
James A. Smith 8%

A majority of responders (73.14 percent, 354 responses) said they would vote for the eventual Republican nominee over Democrat Justin Ruark, D-Cassville, (5.17 percent, 25 responses) in the November general election.

Nearly one-fourth of responders (21.69 percent, 105 responses) said they did not know how they would vote in November. There were 484 registered voters who answered that question, resulting in a 4.4 percent margin of error.

Political polling is not meant to predict election results, but is rather a snapshot of where political contests stand at a particular point in time.

The six Republicans will appear on the Aug. 2 primary ballot. The successful nominee will face Ruark in the Nov. 8 general election.

Justin Fohn 1%
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