City offers park experience, new exercise outlets for residents

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

City clerk: 'It changes the town having those amenities available'

The city of Seligman has completed several upgrades and improvements to its park system to create a place to go for residents of all ages.

In addition to its state-of-the-art splash pad, which was completed last year and has been very popular with families, new playground equipment has been purchased, a sandbox completed, the city's skate park restored, and a walking trail has been created. A basketball court is also available.

All of the amenities are now available for residents and families to enjoy at their leisure.

"The splash pad is already getting a lot of use," said Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk. The pad features several jet streams of water which shoot vertically into the air, much to the delight of children, providing hours of family fun and an opportunity to cool off in the heat of summer. Landscaping around the pad, which is located adjacent to city hall, has also been completed.

The city also added a sandbox and two new pieces of playground equipment for children, a small jungle gym and an airplane teeter totter, at a cost of $400.

"We had a burn pit behind city hall, so we cleaned it out and filled it with sand that we already had to create a sandbox for children to play in," Nichols said.

In addition, the city also improved its skate park for young people when it purchased new sheets of armor to renovate the skating surface area, which offers hours of fun for teenagers, at a cost of $2,200.

For residents who enjoy walking but have previously had to travel to Arkansas for the nearest walking trail, a 1/10-mile trail is now available at the Old City Park just off DD Highway.

"We poured gravel and the trail is complete," Nichols said. "It's ready for use. We've got to to finish signage, do a dog cleanup station, and we're planning to gather supplies to do a bunch of work on the bathrooms over there. They need to be remodeled after some past vandalism. We have also installed a camera system."

Future plans on the table for discussion include fitness stations around the walking trail, and a playground area for children in the center of the trail.

"We'll see where the budget falls next year about the individual pieces of fitness equipment stations," Nichols said. Along with the new Harps Food Store coming to town, which will bring jobs and convenience back to the city, the park improvements will provide fresh new wellness options and family-friendly activities for residents.

"It changes the town and the city having those amenities available," Nichols said.

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