Sales taxes show solid gains in June

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

First time May-June receipts have both risen in 12 years

Sales tax revenues in Barry County are showing a stronger than expected economy for the first half of 2016, as its seven cities have seen a double-digit jump compared to 2015.

Barry's County's seven cities with sales taxes generated $654,256.48 for June, a gain of 10 percent when comparing the same taxes collected last year, factoring out Monett's retired tax. Every city except Seligman reflected a gain.

Cassville's 1-percent tax generated $97,689.69, up $16,593.27 from last June and up 7 percent for the first half of 2016. Exeter's receipts topped $2,000 for the third time this year, producing $2,045.42, shy of last June's mark by $58.13 but up 11 percent for the year. Washburn's 1-percent tax yielded $4,444.15, a gain of $349.29 over last June, reflecting a 27 percent gain over the first half of 2015.

Seligman, still showing the loss of its Walmart, saw its 1-percent tax yield $7,894.82, a drop of $4,963.71 or 39 percent for the month. For 2016, Seligman's receipts are down by 4 percent.

Wheaton's sales taxes have become very erratic. The city's 1-percent tax produced $7,417.49 in June, a drop of only $6.49 from a year ago. Receipts for the city's half-percent tax for street maintenance totaled $3,442.62, up by $279.57 for the month. However, for the year, Wheaton's 1-percent tax has shown a 13 percent dip, while the half-percent tax, which should be comparable, is down 42 percent for the year, leaving total sales tax receipts down by more than $15,000 for the year.

Purdy's 1-percent sales tax for general bills yielded $6,794.82 in June, up $1,154.63 from a year ago. That closed Purdy's fiscal year with $73,136.19 in the general fund, the best total since 2009-2010, shy of that mark by $5,000. Purdy's three sales taxes have produced $65,088.18 in 2016. The general fund reflected a 2 percent gain over last year's pace.

Monett's two sales taxes totaling 1 percent to pay general bills produced $198,437.10 in June, up $21,225.95, or 12 percent, from a year ago. It was the strongest June showing since the $257,626.93 record set in 2007. For the first three months of Monett's new fiscal year, general fund receipts of $476,899.33 are at their highest level since 2008, before the economic downtown.

In two months of collections, Monett's new half-percent transportation tax has generated $76,572.14, though it hasn't yet paid out as much as the city's other half-percent tax as it slowly kicks in. The city's now retired tax to pay for building the Justice Center yielded $13,186.78 in June from past-due payments, now that the tax was retired for the new transportation tax.

All of Monett's taxes combined, including the retired tax, generated $379,973.64 in June, a gain of $71,749.82 from a year ago. For the first half of 2016, Monett's general fund has produced $940,095.12, a gain of 5 percent over last year's pace. All Monett's sales taxes combined have added $1,674,337.27 to the city's coffers in 2016.

Countywide receipts showed strong gains for both June and the first half of 2016.

Barry County's two half-percent taxes for the general fund and road maintenance each yielded more than $208,585 for the month, each showing a 5 percent gain for the year. The county's .25-percent supplementary tax to fund general operations has added $248,700.93 to the coffers, a gain of nearly $11,000 over last year.

The sales tax funding Barry County's 911 system produced $156,409.08 for the month, up by more than $4,000 from a year ago. The 2016 sum of $742,653 also reflects a 5 percent gain over last year's pace.

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