Lightning sets field on fire in Seligman

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Traffic on Highway 62 from Gateway, Ark., to Garfield, Ark., is backed up after a big rig wreck in Garfield. Traffic issues are even greater for locals wishing to go to Arkansas, as lightning started a fire in a field south of Seligman, backing up traffic on Highway 37 near the state line. Contributed photo

Hwy. 37 backed up near state line; Hwy. 62 backed up into Garfield, Ark.

Those planning to travel to Arkansas today may want to reconsider their route, or their trip entirely, as severe weather started a fire that has backed up traffic on Hwy. 62 heading to the state line.

Mick Epperly, Barry County sheriff, said lightning caused a field south of Seligman to catch fire. No one was injured.

According to Cassville resident Steve Reid, the slow traffic extends into Arkansas heading from Gateway, Ark., to Garfield, Ark., where a big rig was involved in a wreck.

Reid said the wreck is on the east side of Garfield, and it took him one hour to go less than four miles.

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