Sales tax receipts up in May

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Comparable taxes show 25 percent rise in county income

Sales tax revenues to Barry County and its cities saw a big swell in May, as the county saw a 25 percent jump in revenues compared to April 2015.

The seven cities in Barry County collecting sales tax received $404,569.26, a gain of 15 percent. Cassville, Seligman and Purdy all saw drops.

Cassville's 1-percent general fund tax generated $60,566.97, the first time in four months that Cassville's sum has dropped. Seligman's 1-percent tax yielded $7,642.46, down for the third consecutive month as the weight of losing the Walmart store settles in. Wheaton's 1-percent tax produced $2,724.62, while Exeter's 1 percent generated $1,946.10. Washburn's 1-percent generated $942.63.

For other Barry County cities, a large jump appeared to mirror rises in 2013 and 2014, when the Missouri Department of Revenue sent out a big disbursement in May that blunted the historic high numbers in June, resulting in a lower June total than the previous year.

Monett benefitted from the move. The city's two taxes providing 1 percent for the general fund generated $144,334.72, up $46,956.89 from last May. It marked the second-highest amount for May on record, wiping out the $24,851.79 in red ink from April. Monett's quarter-percent sales tax for the judicial center officially retired in April, but still brought in $31,304.14, which was $8,771.59 more than it produced last May. The new half-percent sales tax for addressing transportation needs produced its first payout of $7,441.16.

Payments to Monett's general fund sales tax in 2016 have yielded $741,686.02, up $23,076.77, or 3 percent, from last year's pace.

Pierce City's two sales taxes paying general bills produced a record $8,718.22 in May, up $3,951.52 from a year ago, thus wiping out the $3,692.33 in red ink from April. Only twice in 2016 have Pierce City's receipts topped the 2015 totals. The general fund tally of $45,926.16 is still ahead of last year's pace by $2,318.81, or 5 percent.

In contrast, Purdy's 1-percent general fund sales tax saw its third drop in four months, compared to last year's numbers. The tax generated $5,633.39, down $684.70 from last May. After 11 months, Purdy's general fund tax still holds an edge over 2016's fiscal year, producing $66,341.37 or $1,304.35 ahead.

Countywide sales taxes made strong jumps. Barry County's two half-percent sales taxes each generated $148,227, a jump of 25 percent over a year ago.

The sales tax that funds Barry County's 911 operation received $110,594.82, a gain of $19,862.92, a gain of 22 percent. Receipts from the 911 sales tax in 2016 have totaled $586,243.92, a gain of nearly 6 percent over last year's pace.

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