Cassville scrambles to find new baseball coach

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Cassville baseball coach Jade Samborski resigned from the district last week to pursue his dream of coaching in Mesa, Ariz. Jared Lankford

Samborski resigns to pursue his dream job

For the second time in the last 12 months, Cassville Athletic Director Doug Martin is undertaking a search for a new baseball coach.

Last week, Martin and the district were notified by Coach Jade Samborski that he would be leaving the district to take a job in Mesa, Ariz.

"It has always been a professional goal of mine to coach baseball in a warm weather climate," Samborski said. "I have a buddy who coaches the Mesa High School team and he offered me a hitting coach position. Things moved very quickly from there."

Samborski said over the years, the two friends had talked about him coming out to Arizona, but when openings were available, something always caused an issue to prohibit a move.

"He called me two weeks ago and the conversation got serious," Samborski said. "It is bittersweet leaving Cassville. The school administration, parents and players are all great. I didn't just enjoy my season, but my whole year here. This place will always be special to me."

Martin said the district is moving swiftly to fill the vacancy created.

"Our goal is to identify a candidate that we can take to the June 16 board meeting for approval," Martin said. "If we wait much longer to select an applicant, the pool, becomes very thin with individuals that have experience."

Martin said a panel of current coaches and administration interviewed four candidates on Monday and two more on Tuesday.

"We brought in a mix of coaches that we reached out to and ones that applied," Martin said. "I feel like we have a strong candidate pool and that we won't be settling for a coach, but choosing one that can grow our program."

Martin praised Samborski for the work he did this season and said he did not fault him for pursuing his dream job.

"Right now, Mesa is the Mecca for high school baseball," Martin said. "We wish Jade well. I feel he did a very good job this season and set standards for our players that will help them in life as well as in the game itself."

Martin said the district is seeking a coach who is looking to stay in Cassville for more than one year and make a name for themselves.

"Obviously, it isn't a prerequisite for them to stay past one year," Martin said. "But, I want to see a coach come here and build a program where we have schools calling us to try and steal our coach."

The Wildcats finished the season 15-9 under Samborski.

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