Woman injured jumping from bluffs on Table Rock Lake

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Central Crossing Fire Chief surprised more are not injured in same spot

A woman was injured Sunday while jumping from bluffs along Table Rock Lake, not jumping far enough and landing in a rock shelf near the water.

At about 10 a.m. on Sunday, the Central Crossing Fire Protection District responded to a fall in an area off Campers Point Road in Stone County near Shell Knob. Jorden Gunter, 19, was jumping off of a popular bluff about 30-40 feet high and had missed the water, landing on a rock shelf near the bank.

Central Crossing and Mercy Emergency Services crews put Gunter on a fire rescue boat and transported her to a helicopter waiting on shore. She was then flown to Mercy Hospital in Springfield.

Gunter commented on the Central Crossing Fire District's Facebook page, saying she was OK and just broke her leg pretty bad.

Rusty Rickard, chief at Central Crossing, said the area the incident occurred is a popular bluff-jumping spot during the summer months.

"A lot of people go out there," he said. "I can't say we've been in that spot for that kind of incident before, and that's kind of surprising.

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