Exeter installing new gym floor over summer

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New, modern floor absorbs impact better than previous hardwood

Due to the absence of a vapor barrier below its gym floor, flooding in December 2015 resulted in excess moisture damaging the hardwood at Exeter High School, forcing the district to install a new court.

According to Ernest Raney, Exeter superintendent, water came in from the north wall during the flooding, but the school was not aware the floor had gotten wet until it began to show signs of water damage about a week later.

"The floor began to swell and buckle slightly, which led us to contact the Missouri United School Insurance Council," Raney said.

An assessor determined that repairs to the original floor would cost more than just replacing it, and cost to replace would have been $45,565. Through its insurance provider, the district is only responsible for a deductible of $1,000. However, the district opted for a ProAction Thrust system, which added to the cost.

Jarrett Enterprises, the company who was familiar with the gym after having taken measurements to be used in the bid request, won the replacement job with a low bid of $45,565. Adding the ProAction Thrust system raised the cost to $50,180, meaning the district is on the hook for the additional $4,615 in upgrade costs.

The gym, which was built in the 1960s, still had a lot of life prior to the flood damage, Raney said, but the board of education opted to replace the existing floor style the more advanced system, which improves performance of the floor.

"It basically consists of rubber pads set every 12 square inches on the subfloor for the purpose of absorbing impact on the floor," Raney said. "So, for a difference of $4,615, the district was able to install a modern floor system to improve the safety of our students, and improve the quality of flooring we have in our gymnasium."

The new flooring will be number two or better Maple, which is similar to the original wood type.

The old floor has been removed from the gym and is now being left open to air out.

"We left it open to let it dry out and to see if there are any spots of concern when it rains," Raney said. "Since it's been open, we've had a good amount of rain, and there are no drainage or flooding issues. But, we learned there was no vapor barrier, so a lot of moisture had been sweating from the concrete and up through the wood."

Raney said the barrier, which is added as part of Jarrett Enterprise's bid, amounts to a piece of black plastic laid on top of the concrete to prevent the transfer of moisture.

Other bids on the project received included: Central Flooring, of Lake Ozark, $46,600; Thorn Flooring, of Greenbrier, Ark., $47,750; Lankford Enterprises, of Bucyrus, Kan., $49,600l and Sanders Athletic Flooring, of Neosho, $58,00.

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