Long to-do list to keeps Cassville school district busy this summer

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

School may be out, but the Cassville school district is just getting started on its to-do list, which this year includes addressing a variety of maintenance-related items.

"We have a very busy summer planned," said Dusty Reid, director of facilities and operations, who added that the school wants to keep its focus on completing basic maintenance and upkeep this summer to keep things running smoothly.

"We have been very project-oriented the last two years with projects like the press box and the central office renovation, so this year, we want to focus more on things like maintenance, and cleaning the condensing units on our HVAC systems and refrigeration units," he said.

By focusing on prevention, Reid said the district essentially helps save itself, and taxpayers, money and time in the long run.

"Preventative maintenance is designed to prevent unexpected equipment failure and to increase the life of our equipment and appliances," Reid said. "We will also be painting the concession stand by the football field and replacing the scoreboards in the middle school and high school gymnasiums."

Other items on the list, which will require a little elbow grease, include cleaning all of the furniture in classrooms and cafeterias, replacing broken floor tile, waxing all the floors, repairing lockers, inspecting bleachers, refinishing hardwood floors and power washing the bleachers.

"We [also] hope to replace a couple of small roofs on smaller support buildings, as well as replace a short section of sewer line in one area," Reid said. "We will inspect the playground equipment and make needed repairs, as well as replace the fall material as needed. There is also a considerable amount of mowing and trimming that must be done on a weekly basis.

"The two bigger projects we will be overseeing is the replacement of the supply and return lines on our HVAC units at the high school, and the ongoing basement project in the intermediate schools."

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