Airport's taxiway work to be completed by local companies

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

$240,255 price tag to be paid by 90-10 matching grant

The city of Cassville is planning to begin a project to resurface the taxiways of its municipal airport next month, a project which has been planned for a year as part of the airport updating its master plan.

A master plan includes a list of projects that is completed every five years by airports to maintain and update their taxiways and other areas that need attention to keep flight operations running safely and smoothly.

The cost of the resurfacing came in at $240,254.90, which will be paid for by a 90-10 matching grant from MoDOT Aviation.

Cassville Mayor Bill Shiveley said the airport, which is believed to be approximately 40 years old, was last resurfaced several years ago, and a new lighting system was put in about six to eight years ago along the taxiways.

Last fall, the city had to turn in a master plan which included a list of maintenance-related projects that the city planned to complete, along with how much it would cost, into MoDOT by September to receive grant funds, versus lose them.

Danny Hendricks, Southwest Aviation owner, who is contracted by the city to maintain general operations of the airport, hangar, fueling and maintenance work on airplanes, said last fall the agreement is as long as the airport commits to the projects on the list, they will not lose or forfeit federal grant funds. A new fuel system was also being considered.

The facility is a public airport owned by the city but built with federal money, and leases hangars to private individuals.

"All the work will be done by local companies," said Steve Walensky, public works director for the city. "The taxiways will be resurfaced by Couch Excavating, a local company who won the bid, and they will contract with two other local companies, Hutchens for asphalt work, and Seven Valleys Construction for concrete.

"All we've done is accepted the contract. Lochner is our airport engineering firm and Couch won the bid. We hope to be starting next month."

The city anticipates the taxiways will be completed by August.

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