Purdy schools adjust pay scale

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Base pay raised by $500 to $30,500

The Purdy school district approved a salary schedule for the 2016-2017 school year that included an increase in the base pay and an adjustment in the pay that increases rewards for extended service.

The new pay schedule raised the base pay for first year certified teachers from $30,000 to $30,500. The base pay for each subsequent year of service in Purdy increased by $300 for those with a bachelor's degree only for all years of service. A teacher with a master's degree will start with a base pay of $32,750, and will see pay rise by $450 with each year in Purdy.

For those who have taught for at least six years, their pay will rise by $250. Those with bachelor's degrees see raises in their pay by steps after 6, 15 and 24 years of experience. Those who had master's degrees will see their pay rise by $450, seeing step increases after eight, 16, 24 and 32 years of experience.

Under the old schedule, teachers saw pay increases, based on experience, of $400 per year for the first 10 years of teaching, then $350 a year for years 11 to 15, up to a maximum $300 more after 15 years. The new schedule reversed that, offering the bigger pay boost of $450 per year for those with master's degrees, up to a maximum of 23 years. Those with bachelor's degrees only will receive $300 more per year, $100 less than before, topping out at 33 years. Those with bachelor's degrees with between six and 24 years of experience will receive $250 more for each year of service, $100 less than before.

"In essence, we are trying to recognize the loyalty -- years of experience -- and commitment to honing their craft with advanced education," said Superintendent Steven Chancellor. "We also want to continue recruiting quality teachers, thus the base increase."

As a further benefit, Chancellor announced the district faced no increases for health insurance coverage for the coming year.

"That speaks well as part of the Missouri Education Trust consortium that Purdy joined, which is partly self-funded," Chancellor told school board members. "They've built up funds and endowments and spread the risks. The governing board elected to not pass on any increase. The trust offers 11 to 13 options. Those have matched our people well. There are four different plans we offer."

Board members voted to extend the same plan offerings to staff for the coming year. Chancellor expects that after another year, the district can offer a network plan that may bring hug" savings.

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