County jail gets new roof

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Capital improvement funds pay for the $38,600 project

The county commission recently completed a planned capital improvement project to replace the roof of the county jail.

In October 2015, the county began taking bids to replace part of the roof, and Guaranteed Roofing in Joplin had the winning bid at $28,640, compared to John Jamison Construction out of Springfield at $36,600.

The county planned to complete the project in December, but after work began, the contractor found issues and advised replacing the entire roof.

"We did one part, then it was noticed while working, another part of the roof was bad, so we decided to fix it," said Cherry Warren, Barry County presiding commissioner. "We had our architect review when they were putting the roof on, and he's the one that makes inspections."

Warren said the second part of the project was rebid in February, and again, Guaranteed Roofing won the bid at $38,600, compared to $48,645 (adjusted bids for total project), a difference of $10,000. The company also included a warranty on the roof.

The second part of the project was completed this spring.

Since the roof was a planned expense, funds were available to pay for it.

"It came out of our capital improvement fund," Warren said. We budgeted for it and knew it was coming. It was sorely needed."

The jail building annex itself, which contains 80 beds, was completed in March 2009, a cost of $1 million. The commission was able to save $800,000 in capital project funds at that time to support the jail addition. The balance of $200,000 was borrowed from Security Bank of Southwest Missouri to complete the project.

The new addition gave the jail 48 more beds and more than doubled its original capacity at only 32 beds, helped address the safety of both prisoners and law enforcement personnel, and saved the county money, as they no longer had to find temporary locations to hold prisoners due to lack of space.

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