3 local cities see sales tax gains over 2015

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Barry County cities see 7 percent revenue drop

While three Barry County cities saw gains in sales tax revenues in April compared to 2015, total revenues coming into all seven Barry County cities saw a drop.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $445,494.14, down 7 percent from a year ago.

Only Cassville, Exeter and Washburn topped last April's tally. Cassville's 1-percent tax produced $73,472.73 for the general fund, up $6,391.27, or nearly 10 percent.

Washburn's 1-percent tax for general expenses received $2,041.66, up $691.47, or 51 percent.

Exeter's 1-percent tax generated $2,184.98, up $578.59, or 36 percent.

Purdy saw its 1-percent sales tax for general bills produce $5,409.10, down $1,170.44, or 18 percent, for the month, the lowest April total since 2007. Purdy has slipped into an up-and-down every other month pattern in 2016, leaving the city's 10-month fiscal year total at $60,707.98, up $1,989.55 by comparison, and up $61.16 after four months in 2016.

Wheaton's 1-percent general fund tax, which is still producing more than one-and-a-half times its half-percent transportation tax, received $5,251.28, down $2,674.89, or 44 percent from a year ago. Seligman's 1-percent tax yielded $6,051.58, down $1,390.09, or 19 percent, without the closed Walmart.

Monett was on the downside of the monthly trend, starting its new fiscal year with $134,127.55 in the 1-percent general fund taxes, the smallest April disbursement since 2004. The city's four sales taxes collectively produced $43,103.23 less than a year ago. The four-month 2016 general fund total of $597,323.30 is down 4 percent from last year's pace.

County totals reflected the shifts from the municipal sums.

Barry County's two half-percent sales taxes generated $148,225, each down $4,942 from a year ago, a drop of a little over 3 percent.

The sales tax funding Barry County's 911 service produced $113,817.30 in April, down $1,011.80 for the month. The 2016 sum of $475,649.19 is ahead of last year's pace by $11,262.16, or 2 percent.

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