Students to bring the laughs at Southwest High School

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Pictured is Southwest Little Theatre (SLT) student performer Tanner Leonhardt preparing his comedy bit about giraffes for the SLT Comedy Club competition, which will take place on the Southwest High School campus Saturday. Contributed photo

70-plus student comedians ready for Southwest Little Theatre event

The Southwest Little Theatre Comedy Club will present a comedy competition on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the Southwest school district in Washburn.

The production, which will take place in the lower Southwest Elementary School building, is a new undertaking of the theatre group and will be presented in the form of a competition featuring more than 70 student comedians.

"The comedians will compete for the top SLT Comedy Club Comedian title, and for cash awards, in a five-round comedy club," said Wyatt Hester, SLT director.

According to Hester, many students are involved with the theatre group.

"We have a very large pool of talented students who have grown to love all aspects of theatre," Hester said. "The unique aspect of the SLT Comedy Club is that it gives the students the opportunity to totally be in charge of their own, one-person scene. This gives them the opportunity to fine-tune their speaking and acting skills in front of an audience, as well as to learn how to bring levity to an audience."

Student routines, or bits, last for one minute, and cover a variety of categories.

"The comedy bits can be jokes, pantomime, humorous stories, comedy dramatizations, and stand-up comedy," Hester said.

Students qualify for the event by auditioning. The club has productions throughout the school year, such as a fall melodrama in September, Campers and Comedy in November and Vaudeville Night in January. The theatre group also has an award celebration hosted by Miss Missouri, and has doled out more than $30,000 in scholarships. Last year, the group gave more than $3,500 in scholarships to students.

"SLT was able to do these amazing things because of our community's support," Hester said.

This year's theme is Stage It! See It! Love It!

Student comedians who will be competing include: Zoe Albertson, Braden Ash, Jymme Ash, Seth Banks, Stephen Barnes, Brandon Beeson, Mikaela Black, Shelby Blevins, Dezaray Cannady, Sarah Catron, Cheristi Cline, Darcie Colunga, James Colunga, Ashlynn Corter, Alex Cook, Myka Cook, Amber Crites, MaHolla Crow, Whitney Curry, Sydney Delossantos, Jealouise Durossette, Baylea Ford, Hailey Foster, Tanner Hackett, Breanna Hamilton, Brooklyn Hamilton, Nathaniel Hamilton, Sarah Hedden, Rachell Hedden, Kristen Hendrix, Alexa Hudgins, Alexis Isbell, Hayden Fox, Trevor Guillon, Lyndsey Holt, Alex Jimenez, Rachel Jimenez, Khalib Jordan, Mikayla Kellogg, Samuel Kenney, Blanche Kirk, Sean Knighten, Amber Larsen, Jerica Lawrence, Orion Lawyer, Savana Leonhardt, Tanner Leonhardt, Sydney Leroy, Rebekah McKeever, Wyatt McKeever, Skyler Maleki, Laney Moore, Levi Moore, Austin Moreton, Payton Osburn, Krista Skinkis, Skylor Rausa, Dominic Ray, Veronica Ray, Danielle Reed, Kaitey Resz, Shyla Richardson, Hope Robbins, Matthew Robbins, Samantha Robbins, Austin Roberts, Brianna Roller, Shasta Sanders, Bailie Saunders, Dakota Saunders, Jaime Shrum, Tristan Smith, Alissa Walker, Mollie Wheeler, Victoria Williams and Elizabeth Wolfe.

Tickets are $10 and can be reserved by calling 417-826-5361, or by emailing Proceeds go to fund future SLT productions, and student scholarships for dual-credit classes taken on campus through Crowder College.

For more information on making a donation for student scholarships or becoming an advertising sponsor, people may call or email Hester.

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