Mercy Hospital to offer Know Your Numbers blood screenings

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Screenings offered at free or reduced cost rates

Mercy Hospital will be hosting its Know Your Numbers Health Fair in Cassville on May 12.

The fair includes free and reduced-cost screenings. The public is invited to attend, including those at risk for diabetes, heart disease or other chronic conditions. The fair will also include interactive booths with health information and services.

The following reduced-cost lab screenings will be offered:

* Comprehensive health panel (complete metabolic profile, lipid profile, complete blood count), $15

* PSA Test (prostate cancer screening), $10

* Hgb A1c (average blood glucose), $5

* EKG (heart screen), $10

* PFT (lung screen), $10

* TSH (thyroid test), $5

Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure checks, microalbumin (urine tests), and blood sugar (finger stick) tests will be offered free of charge.

The tests are designed to be preventative in nature, and participants are advised to fast for 12 hours before having the blood tests.

"If detected early, a lot of conditions could be prevented," said Donna Medlin, Mercy dietitian. "If you're coming to either event, it's important to fast for 12 hours before having blood drawn."

The health fair will be held 6-10 a.m. at Mercy Hospital, Cassville, in Conference Room C, 94 Main Street.

No registration is required. Participants will be screened on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, people may call 417-847-6000.

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