Cassville School District signs 5-year contract with Coca-Cola

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Agreement could lead up to $4,000 more in concession revenue

The Cassville school district recently signed a five-year agreement with Coca-Cola, which along with providing beverages to players, students and spectators, may add up to an additional savings of about $4,000 each year in concession revenue.

The district has not had a concession contract for at least 15 years, said Richard Asbill, superintendent, and the benefit to signing one is that it will help save the district on product costs, consumption and additional quirks, like coolers.

"We have used Coke products for years without a contract," Asbill said. "We save on product costs on each case of product by having a contract versus just buying our products by the case."

How much actual savings the agreement amounts to in concession sales is dependent on variables such as number of home games hosted and admission collected, Asbill said.

"For example, we had less home football games this past year, because each school plays home and away games," he said. "This year, we could play more home games, but if it rains, we might not have as many sales."

The district has contracts with other vendors that provide candy, popcorn, hot dogs and hamburgers, but only has a concession contract with Coca-Cola for drinks.

Based on the lower case price and past average sales, the district anticipates a projected additional revenue or savings of about $4,000 per year, contingent on number of home games played and attendance.

No changes in vending products in machines or concession stands are anticipated, but the district may add a few additional choices.

As part of the agreement, Coca-Cola will also provide some of the district's coolers and vending machines.

"With Coke, when you're under contract, they give you coolers to use," said Doug Martin, activities director for the district. "On our sidelines, you'll see five-and 10-gallon Powerade coolers. For years, we've not been under contract, so it's been up to the programs to purchase their coolers. And along with coolers, they're giving us cups for the players. For a long time, we've only had the white styrofoam cups to use. So, it's not just the price savings, but you get the benefits of the coolers and cups and things like that.

"The Coke contract locks in prices per case so whether it be Coke or Powerade, it's a savings to the district. As far as the numbers go, we won't know until the end of the year how it all plays out, but it is a savings, which ultimately, we pass on to the students to help them do more things."

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