2 Cassville buildings to get new scoreboards

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

20-year-old equipment was breaking down during games

Players, coaches and spectators alike will notice a new feature in the Cassville Middle and High School gyms during sporting events next season -- new scoreboards.

Cassville Activities Director Doug Martin was tasked with the job of replacing the scoreboards, which were over 20 years old.

"Part of my job is to evaluate the facilities," Martin said. "It's been awhile since the scoreboards were replaced. I know the ones in the high school were the original ones installed when it was built in 1995 or 1996, and the middle school boards were even older than that."

The district also purchased a 25-second clock for the football field, which Martin said also needed replaced.

"This past season, on the north end zone board, some of the numbers were not visible, and we were better off replacing them, as they were 12 years old," he said. "All of the scoreboards had maintenance issues. They would shut off during games or not work properly."

At one junior high game, Martin said personnel had to actually solder wires together on a scoreboard in order to finish the game.

"Scoreboards were a constant battle, so it was great to see us get the new boards," he said. "It was time."

Martin said he did his homework, collecting bids from six different scoreboard companies and reviewing designs, decorative panels and fonts.

"What we ended up doing, was going with the company that had the lowest bid, Nevco, but that also did some of the nicest work and had a good warranty," Martin said. "With this company, a big plus is that we get five years of worry-free maintenance. So if something goes wrong, they'll come down and fix it."

The total cost for two scoreboards in the middle school gym, two in the high school gym, and the 25-second clock at the football field came in at $27,749.

"It's a good price, because scoreboards can be rather expensive," Martin said. "I feel pretty good with what we ended up spending, and this is a capital improvement project, which had been in the works. I've been at other districts, and know what they have. They are the more expensive boards. They are what you see when you go to Monett and everywhere else."

Martin said the scoreboard at the baseball field is a Nevco brand, and the boards that were replaced were made by Daktronics. The scoreboard in the Rock Gym is a Fair Play scoreboard.

In the high school gym, the scoreboard on the south wall will have side stat panels with the black and gold school colors, and the board on the north wall will have the opposite school colors.

In the middle school gym, one board will say, "Cassville," the other will say, "Wildcats."

"Every gym has two scoreboards," Martin said. "A little deviation seems to be the common theme on the boards, but they work together nicely. The nice thing about these two boards, is that, along with volleyball and basketball games, they will also accommodate wrestling. I made sure they would work with all three sports. It's perfect timing going in with the start of wrestling."

Martin also looked at several font choices, then asked for the opinions of coaches and teachers.

"We had coaches pick their favorite, then presented it to the school board and said, 'This is the number one font,' then let them decide which of the top two they went with," he said. "They ended up picking the one that the teachers and coaches liked. We wanted the school board to pick them versus one person picking them out."

Richard Asbill, superintendent for the district, said Cassville has had replacement of the scoreboards on its capital improvement to-do list for three years.

"Over the past two years, we had been working on adding wrestling, and so we did not want to update the high school gym scoreboards until we had committed to adding wrestling and incorporating that scoring option in to the boards, but we have needed scoreboards for many years as the scoreboards in the high school are over 20 years old, and we cannot get parts for them."

Martin said having scoreboards that weren't working properly at sporting events had been embarrassing, but after the new boards are in place, there should not be a problem.

"There were times where [the controllers] would hit a button to add the score, and it wouldn't work, and another time, it added another two points it shouldn't have, and people were yelling it wasn't right," he said. "We're not going to have to worry about them shutting off in the middle of a game or not working properly anymore."

The new boards will be installed during the break between after the time school dismisses and the first few days of June.

"We're scheduling an install with the least disruption to school," Martin said. "My goal is to have the boards up in time to be used this summer."

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