Cassville students gear up for year-end exams

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Assistant superintendent confident in students' abilities

As the end of another school year quickly approaches, Cassville students are preparing to take district-wide end-of-year exams to help measure what they have learned during the school year.

The annual exams will begin April 25 and conclude May 12.

Cassville Intermediate students will complete the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) exam, and high school students will complete what are referred to as End-of-Course (EOC) exams.

High school students will complete EOC exams April 25-29, with make-up exams scheduled for May 2-3. Eighth-grade students will complete MAP testing April 25-29. Seventh-grade students will test May 2-3. Sixth-grade students will complete their portion of the MAP May 4-6. Fifth-grade students will complete exams May 3-6. Fourth-grade students will test May 11 and 12. Third-grade students will test May 9-10.

Jill LeCompte, assistant superintendent for the district, said students need not be worried about the exams, and offered tips to families to help students do their best.

"Our students and staff have been working hard to prepare for the state assessments," LeCompte said. "This isn't something we want our students or staff to be nervous about. This is what we have been practicing for all year long. We know they are prepared and ready. We hope that they are excited to show what they know.

"While exams can cause anxiety for some students, there are many tactics parents and family members may utilize to ease stress."

LeCompte offer the following advice to help parents and children prepare:

* Remind children to listen carefully to the instructions from their teachers

* Remind students to read the directions and each question carefully

* Encourage children to stay focused on the test, even if other students finish early

* Keep a positive attitude about testing

* Make sure that children get enough sleep the night before the exams

* Ensure children eat healthy breakfasts

* Make sure children are on time to school

* Encourage children to do well, but do not pressure them. It is important that children remain relaxed for the test.

"We are proud of our teachers, administrators, and school staff for providing our students the tools they need to be successful," LeCompte said. "We are also proud of our students.

"This is a busy time of year for all of us, and we appreciate them understanding the importance of taking these exams seriously and putting their best foot forward."

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