Purdy police acquire new computer system

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ALEIR to reduce labor on reports, provide in-car use

The Purdy City Council has approved the purchase of the Automated Law Enforcement Incident Report (ALEIR) program for the city's police department.

Officer Russ Nichols reported the program, used by the Seligman police, would provide better written reports, help transition to paperless documents, save on the purchase of ticket books and avoid limitations in computer storage because the program is cloud-based. Since the vendor will customize it for Purdy's use, the program will allow officers to write tickets in the police car off a computer mounted inside, without having the purchase any more ticket books, which cost $125 for 200 tickets. A government program would even allow an internet connection.

"On traffic stops, we can enter the information and it documents all about the stop," said Police Chief Jackie Lowe. "Now, we fill out cards and compile it all at the end of the year."

"Now, we tally it all by hand," Nichols said. "Seligman was four times the volume we do. It made their report in seven seconds. All these reports are going paperless. We have to send accident and DWI reports to the state. This will print a report just like the attorney general wants it."

Nichols noted the Barry County Sheriff's Office uses a version that costs several thousand dollars, plus a maintenance fee. The version he proposed cost $500 a year, maintains all its records and will interface with dispatch, which the city police's current equipment will not do. A cheaper version, costing $300, would require the purchase of a server for storage.

Mayor Steve Roden said the city's main concern was getting more computers for the office. Nichols noted the ALEIR system could be added to any office computer once purchased and could be ready in two days. Mounting it in the Crown Victoria police car would also require purchase of a $150 printer for the car. Nichols added the training seemed self-explanatory as well.

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