March sales tax totals show general growth in local area

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cassville sees 7 percent gain compared to March 2015

Sales tax revenues to Barry County cities and government continued to show strength in March, reflecting a general upward swing, despite many entities budgeting cautiously for a more reserved economy in 2016.

The seven Barry County cities generating sales tax received $571,708.26, up 16 percent from a year ago. Only Seligman, without its Walmart, showed a decline.

Cassville's 1-percent general fund tax generated $84,994.64, up $13,395.12 from a year ago, for a 7 percent gain of the first quarter. Washburn's 1-percent tax produced $3,765.60, up $1,362.81 from last March or 33 percent over the start of 2015. Exeter topped $2,000 for one of the few times of the year with $2,657.54 for its 1-percent tax, up $838.27 for the month and 5 percent for the quarter.

Seligman's 1-percent general fund tax produced $9,473.36, down $1,825.99 from a year ago, still leaving the city with a 24 percent gain on the quarter. In Wheaton, where the numbers still seem to reflect past due payments far beyond the normal formula, the 1-percent tax produced $10,407.28, nearly three times the amount of the half-percent tax and up $1,637.38 from a year ago. For 2016, Wheaton's 1-percent tax reflects a drop of 14 percent over a year ago while the half-percent tax is down by 3 percent.

Purdy recorded the best March since 2012. Its 1-percent tax for general bills produced $4,934.33, up $1,574.48 from last March and within $300 of the March record since the city split its sales taxes for different uses.

Purdy's nine-month fiscal year sum of $55,298.88 has topped last year's pace by more than $3,000. The 2016 total logged in at $14,700.91, or 9 percent ahead of last year.

Monett had its best March totals since 2012, offsetting much of red ink that started the calendar year. Monett's two sales taxes for general bills generated $180,859.75, up $25,407.38 from a year ago. That raised the 2016 total to $463,195.75, up $743.67, or not quite 1 percent from the first quarter of 2015.

Similarly, March concluded Monett's fiscal year with a total of $1,933,954.21, down $1,800.04 from the previous year. A practically even tally that size appears to justify the no-growth projection budgeted for the coming fiscal year.

Other cities around Monett all showed a stronger first quarter.

Pierce City had a record March for its two taxes for the general fund, generating $12,752.12, topping the 2011 record by more than $1,600. The tally raised Pierce City's 11-month general fund sum to $105,206.24, nearly $3,000 ahead of last year's pace. The 2016 total of $28,856.52 grew 8 percent larger than the first quarter of 2015.

Barry County's two half-percent taxes each produced $184,998, surpassing last March by more than $20,102. For the quarter, Barry County's totals rose by 4 percent.

The sales tax supporting Barry County's 911 system produced $138,669.34 for the month, up by more than $15,000 from last March and 4 percent for the first quarter of 2015.

The new sales tax supporting the South Barry County Ambulance District has a difference distribution pattern than other taxes, producing two payouts in December, 2015, one in January and two in February. By March 11 the tax had generated $156,458.99.

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