Wolf gets Music Advocacy award

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Denny Wolf received the Cassville School District's Music Advocacy award at the Music in our Schools concert. He was unanimously chosen by music department staff for his service to the school, including running sound at music events, driving the travel trailer and transporting music equipment to choir competitions, and attending and helping out with band competitions. Pictured from left is Wolf's son Connor, Wolf holding his award, his daughter, Kiley, and his wife, Missy. Contributed photo

Local man's entire family involved in music

Jenkins man Denny Wolf was recently given the Music Advocacy award by the Cassville School District.

He was unanimously chosen by the school's music department staff based on his dedication to the department, through volunteering and advocacy.

"Mr. Wolf was an easy choice for this year's Music Advocacy award recipient," said Mary Richmiller, Cassville High School choral teacher. "When our department staff sat down to discuss nominations, we were all in 100 percent agreement that Mr. Wolf should receive the award."

For the last three or four years, Wolf has invested his own time running sound and transporting students for music related events and competitions for the school.

"He understands the technology behind running the sound, and always does an outstanding job for our department," Richmiller said. "Wolf also drives the travel trailer to every choir competition and attends all band competitions."

Wolf has been involved with music for as long as he can remember.

"My dad played music all his life and I just grew up with it," he said. "And, I sang in churches all over the place from time I could just about talk. I started playing guitar at about age 4, and it just developed from there. All through the years I have played in various places, and at Roaring River Theatre. Music is just soothing to the soul. It just makes you feel good."

Just like his father passed on music to him, Wolf has carried on the tradition with his children, Connor, a sophomore at Cassville and Kiley, a senior. His wife, Missy, also sings.

"I think music is very important," he said. "It's just fun. If kids can learn it, the earlier you learn, the better."

Wolf said he got involved with the music department partly because his children were in music events, but because the school also needed help running sound at events.

"Their guy who used to run sound is retired, and I just kind of stepped in, saw what needed done, and fell into it," he said. "And, of course, my daughter's been involved in music all four years of high school. That's played a big role. And, I really like Mrs. Richmiller, and it's helping her out."

Wolf said he enjoys being with the music students.

"Just being with everybody, watching them perform, and joking and laughing," he said. "I get along with all the kids, and it's just a fun time."

Wolf also helps transport music equipment to competitions, most of which have been in Carthage, Joplin, Webb City and Carl Junction, but some as far as Quincy, Ill. A graduate of Cassville himself, Wolf played lead guitar with the swing choir.

With two children who are very involved with music, and who sometimes perform with their father at school music events, Wolf said he'll most likely be involved with the music department for a few more years to come.

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