County titling tax measure passes, 56-44

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

City measure passes by same margin Tuesday

Voters Tuesday approved the continuation of the vehicle titling sales tax in Barry County and the city of Cassville, meaning vehicles bought out of state and titled in the county and city will be taxed at the county and city rates.

For Barry County, the measure passed with 1,738 votes (56 percent) to 1,396 votes (44 percent). In the city of Cassville, it passed with 216 votes (56 percent) to 172 votes (44 percent).

Cherry Warren, Barry County presiding commissioner, said he was pleased with the result and expected it to fare well.

"I think a use tax is an awful hard tax to pass because people don't always understand them," he said. "But, enough people did, and I'm happy it passed and proud of the Barry County voters."

Jennifer Evans, city clerk for Cassville, said she had not heard much feedback about the measure from residents before the election.

"I'm pleased that it passed and encouraged the citizens of Cassville understand the importance, not only for the city, but also for the dealerships and not being put at a disadvantage," she said. "We encourage everyone to shop locally and keep our economy flowing."

For those in Cassville, the following taxes will now still apply to a vehicle bought out of state: The 4.225-percent state tax, half-cent for Barry County roads, half-cent for Barry County general fund, 1/8-cent for Barry County general fund (law enforcement) and 2.375-percent for the city of Cassville.

This means on a $30,000 purchase out of state, the buyer would pay a total of $2,317.50, including $1,267.50 for the state tax, $150 for each of the Barry County half-cent taxes, $37.50 for the Barry County 1/8-cent tax and 712.50 for the city of Cassville's tax.

The South Barry County Ambulance District's half-cent tax, as well as the Barry County E-911 3/8-cent tax, are not included in the measures that passed Tuesday. Both subdivisions must pass a similar measure as the county's and city's by November to continue collecting their portion of the sales tax.

Warren was also pleased Barry County's measure to renew its half-cent tax for roads passed as well, with 2,324 votes (74 percent) to 824 votes (26 percent).

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