Sales taxes
generally up 
in February

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Higher numbers reduce some of January's red ink

Sales tax revenues to Barry County and its cities bounced back from a drop in January to an overall increase in February compared to 2015.

Though February produces some of the smallest receipts of the year, the gains chipped away at the red ink, boding well for a positive upswing in March.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $437,838.61, a gain of 6 percent over a year ago. Only Cassville, Seligman and Monett showed gains over last February.

Cassville's 1-percent sales tax for its general fund generated $68,869.37, a gain of $4,089.13. Seligman's 1-percent tax yielded $13,328.83, up by $3,608.26.

Exeter's 1-percent tax fell by nearly half, dropping $1,099.89 to $1,263.63. Washburn came close to matching its record February low from 2014 with a 1-percent sum of $882.69, down almost $70 from a year ago.

Wheaton's sales tax receipts make less and less sense. Last February, Wheaton's 1-percent tax was nearly four times greater than receipts from the half-percent tax, which should not be possible unless a business continues to pay back-due taxes. This year, the 1-percent tax of $1,640 was 12 percent short of doubling the total of the half-percent tax, which does not match the Department of Revenue's formula. Comparing the half-percent sales taxes for the two months showed a drop of 28 percent between the two Februarys, but combining the city's two taxes showed a revenue drop of $3,849.39 or 60 percent. City officials are unable to diagnose the variance.

Monett's two sales taxes for the general fund generated $131,833.36, the third-highest February on record, topped only by receipts in 2007 and 2014. The total was $7,923.48 higher than a year ago. Monett's four taxes produced nearly $14,400 more than a year ago, helping to erase some of the $56,000 in lower receipts in January.

After 11 months in the fiscal year, Monett's general fund tally has reached $1,753,094.46, which is down $27,000 from last year's pace. The 2016 total is lagging behind 2015 by nearly $25,000.

Purdy received the smallest February amount in four years from its 1-percent general fund tax. The $4,669.01 sum was down $659.53 from a year ago. The city's four taxes showed a combined drop of $1,309.10, offsetting the $633.45 gain in January.

Purdy's eight-month general fund total of $50,364.47 is at a five-year high, ahead of last year's pace by nearly $1,600.

Barry County's 911 tax produced $107,173.11 for the month, up nearly $4,000 over last February. The 2016 total is lagging behind last year's pace by nearly $2,800.

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