CCC Lodge nearly finished

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
A construction worker takes supplies into the CCC Lodge at Roaring River State Park, which is expected to be open to the public for lodging and special events by late spring. Workers from Construction Services Group have been renovating the 78-year-old structure, which was hand-built in the 1930s out of native stone and timber by Civilian Conservation Corps and has not been open for lodging since the 1970s. Seven lodging rooms will be available, and each room will include a bedroom, kitchen and living room area, and feature rustic, knotty pine walls. A banquet hall and kitchen will also be available to rent for special events. The exterior received a new coat of paint and new roof. Julia Kilmer The Monett Times

7 rustic guest rooms, banquet hall to be available for use

Renovations of the historic CCC Lodge at Roaring River State Park, which began last July, are almost complete.

Steph Deidrick, information specialist for Missouri State Parks, said she expects the lodge to be completed and open for rentals by late spring. An exact cost for rooms has not yet been determined.

Construction Services Group Superintendent Nicholas Eramo checks his work in one of the lodging rooms at the CCC Lodge at Roaring River State Park. Renovations began at the lodge last July, and are expected to be complete in March. Seven lodging rooms and a banquet hall will be available for rental. Two of the rooms will have original fireplaces. Julia Kilmer The Monett Times

The rustic-style lodge, hand-built from native stone and timber by the Civilian Conservation Corps workers in the 1930s under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration, has not been open to the public for lodging since the 1970s.

Missouri Parks Inc. General Manager David Waugh said numerous people had expressed an interest in seeing the nostalgic building restored, and last July, after a long wait, a project began to restore the 78-year-old structure.

The $1.2 million project will make seven rooms available to the public. Four rooms on the first level will feature balcony views of the river, and three rooms on the top floor will feature window views. Each room will include a living room, kitchen and bedroom. Two of the rooms will feature original fireplaces.

In keeping with the rustic theme, the walls will feature a knotty pine Wainscott coating, and some will have full-length pine walls. The lower level has also been renovated to include a banquet room and kitchen for special events.

The renovations are expected to draw even more guests to the busy park, which attracts visitors nationwide for its famous trout fishing and hatchery, camping and hiking, natural spring and beauty.

Construction Services Group workers Jeremy Taylor, left, and Tim Story, set a window frame in a window of the CCC Lodge at Roaring River State Park. Renovations at the lodge, which has not had rentals since the 1970s, are almost complete. Four rooms on the lower level and three on the top promise to provide beautiful window and balcony views of the river. Julia Kilmer The Monett Times

Carter Marion, project manager with Construction Services Group, the contractor hired to complete the renovations, said overall, the project has gone smoothly.

"We expect to have everything completed in March sometime," he said. "We've done quite a few remodels and historical projects. Each are unique and have their own character, but it's pretty unique and beautiful there. It's been good to work with everyone involved."

As part of the renovations, the interior, including the floors and walls, were completely rebuilt, and the exterior received a new roof, cedar shake shingles and new paint. Original beams that were salvageable were kept and integrated.

"We're finishing up the interior work and getting the rooms set up," Marion said. "We're hoping the weather will cooperate, but so far, work has been steady."

Shown is a hallway inside the newly-renovated CCC Lodge, which is on target to be opened to the public for lodging and special events in March. The walls will feature rustic, knotty pine wood and original timber beams from the structure, which was built by CCC workers under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration 78 years ago. Julia Kilmer/

"We're pretty close to schedule," said Nicholas Eramo, Construction Services Group superintendent. "I've had people outside ask what we're doing, and they're so happy it's being restored. They can't wait. A lot are already wanting to make reservations."

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