Det. Evenson to file for sheriff in McDonald County

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Barry County detective aims to return to top spot in neighboring county

Det. Rob Evenson, with the Barry County Sheriff's Office, has announced his intention to run for sheriff of McDonald County, a position he has held for two non-consecutive terms in the past.


"I have been sheriff there before and been in law enforcement since 1989," he said. "I enjoy the job of sheriff and want to try it one more time."

Evenson was first elected in McDonald County in 2000. He lost the 2004 election, but returned in 2008, then lost again in 2012.

"I have my theories, but that's just the way elections go," he said. "All the wins were close, and all the losses were close."

In the years he has not been sheriff in McDonald County, Evenson has been a detective with Barry County, under sheriff Mick Epperly. Epperly said he feels very fortunate to be able to hire Evenson when he is not working in the neighboring county.

"He's a very good detective, is very smart and is a great asset to Barry County," Epperly said. "I can put him on any case, and if the clues and the evidence are there, he will solve it."

Epperly said Evenson has worked a wide variety of cases for Barry County.

"He's been good with murder cases, property crimes, check fraud," Epperly said. "There's not really anything he cannot do as law enforcement. He's very wise and makes good decisions."

Evenson said in the eight years he has been sheriff of McDonald County, the office has grown.

"When I first started there, we had seven deputies," he said. "When I left the last time, we had 17 or 18, so we've kept up with the growth of [McDonald] County. We also provide professional law enforcement officers and increased training."

Epperly said if Evenson is not elected in McDonald County, he would recommend the next Barry County sheriff keep the detective on the payroll.

"I would highly recommend the next sheriff keep him here if possible," he said.

Evenson said continuing to work in Barry County is a possibility.

"I would hope to stay in Barry County if I do not win in McDonald County," he said.

The filing period for both counties opens on Tuesday. Epperly has announce he will not seek re-election in Barry County.

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