Dairy profit seminar coming to southwest Missouri

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Regional dairy specialist to share benchmarks

The University of Missouri Extension will be hosting two dairy profit seminars on Feb. 23 and 24.

The presentations will be cover three major topics affecting dairy farms, including health, nutrition and reproduction.

The program will work around farm schedules, starting at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 3:15 p.m.

"The program schedule allows dairy farmers to milk cows, morning and evening," said Joe Horner, University of Missouri Extension dairy economist in Columbia.

MU Extension Regional Dairy Specialist Reagan Bluel, along with Horner, will be presenting "Ten Key Dairy Benchmarks" Feb. 23 at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center.

Bluel said producers will benefit from learning about both economic and financial benchmarks that can help them be more efficient in their business, some of which may surprise them.

"[Horner will] be focusing on five of the economical benchmarks, and I'll be focusing on five of the production benchmarks," Bluel said. "I feel like by recognizing and realizing what other dairymen are doing around the state and even the nation, it can help producers maintain a level of competition that can guide them in the direction where they should strive to go. Potentially, they could be achieving many of [the benchmarks], and by identifying which ones, that will help them guide their efforts in the next year, especially with the financial indicators, helping them be more aware of their cost of production, and by doing that, be more aware of their production setting. I think the financial benchmarks might surprise them more than the production benchmarks.

"I think local dairymen are hungry for knowledge, and we hope we'll see that replicated at the Springfield Livestock Center. Also, as milk prices are going down a slippery slope, understanding the benchmarks can help them and really striving to focus on the nitty gritty details associated with benchmarking can help them be more competitive with these low milk prices."

Ted Probert with the MSU State Fruit Research Center in Mountain Grove, will be speaking Feb. 24, along with Dave Drennan from the Missouri Dairy Association, and guest speaker Phil Cardoso from the University of Illinois. The three will be discussing, new state legislation Missouri Dairy Revitalization, and corn foliar fungicide effects on dairy cow performance and impact of amino acids on production, respectively.

Trace mineral impact on calf immunity will be discussed by Dan Tracy of Multimin USA.

As an added benefit, producers may bring a sample of their total mixed ration for analysis.

Seminars will also also take place in Sedalia, Cape Girardeau and Union Feb. 22 through 26.

"The seminars are at different times and in different locations, and are sponsored by the Missouri Dairy Association and the University of Missouri Extension," said Becky Wogoman, Barry County extension office support staff.

A registration fee of $20 is due upon arrival, which includes lunch. Advance notice for meal count is required by calling 417-847-3161 for the Feb. 23 seminar, and 417-741-6134 for the Feb. 24 seminar. Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. with milk and coffee.

For more information on registering for other seminar dates, people may visit http://extension.missouri.edu/.

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