Barry County sales tax revenues take a dip to start 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monett, Cassville, Wheaton revenues down from last year

The Barry County commission took a cue from the January sales tax totals, predicting a year of slowed revenues with January sums generally down from 2015.

The seven Barry County cities collected sales tax received $484,919.74, a drop of 10 percent from last January, with Monett, Cassville and Wheaton all reflecting lower numbers.

Monett led the downward trend, receiving $150,502.64 for its two sales taxes for general expenses totaling 1 percent. The total dropped $32,587.19, or almost 18 percent, from a year ago, though last January's total was 16 percent higher than any previous sum for the month. The latest amount was still higher than any other January since 2009, except for 2015. Monett's four taxes showed a combined $56,089.03 drop for the month.

The amount raised the 10-month fiscal year tally for the general fund to $1,621,261.13, a little more than $31,000 behind the previous year.

Cassville's 1-percent tax produced $75,650.70, a drop of $2,614.45, or a little over 3 percent. Three of Cassville's four taxes dropped, for a total decline for the month of $4,881.26.

Purdy inched slightly above last January, with its three taxes generating $633.45 more than a year ago. The 1-percent tax Purdy collects for general bills produced $5,097.57, up $316.65 from the previous January. The sum boosted Purdy's seven-month fiscal year total to $45,695.46, up $2,244.46 from the previous year's pace.

Seligman saw one of the last of its happy months prior to the announcing of the closing of its Walmart after 13 months of business. Seligman's 1-percent sales tax produced $8,141.12, up $4,154.28. As the month closed, a city official reported a big line at the Walmart store, which had reportedly always been busy, for the half-price sale, while the city's other grocery store began stocking up again.

Wheaton's 1-percent sales tax for general bills yielded $6,334.60, down $1,135.58 from a year ago even though it was the fourth highest January total on record. Washburn's 1-percent tax produced $2,461.31, a gain of $481.29, while Exeter's 1-percent tax for general bills yielded $1,338.97, up $505.05 from a year ago.

Barry County's two half percent sales taxes each produced $154,776, both down by more than $9,445, or nearly 6 percent. The sum was, nonetheless, the second best January total on record.

The tax supporting Barry County's 911 received $115,989.35, a drop of $6,593 from last January, which was the record for the month.

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