Purdy council gives green light to move post office

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Postmaster general asks about concerns before final approval

The Purdy City Council raised no objections during its January meeting to moving the town''s post office.

Mayor Steve Roden reported the postmaster general inquired if the city had any problems with the post office moving from 203 Washington to a new building that has been erected on the northwest corner of Front and Washington.

Purdy businessman Ed Mareth owns both buildings. The new building had served as a modular classroom for the Purdy school district, where Mareth sits as a school board member. The structure was moved and a brick fašade added.

"[Postal authorities] want to make sure there is no turf war," Roden said.

Aldermen had no problems with the move. Mareth, who runs the Project Genesis program, has expressed interest in removing the present building that rents space to the post office so that the public park he constructed south of the building could fill the entire block.

"At least we're keeping it [a post office]," said Alderman Wayne Rupp.

The new building, started last summer, has not been finished. Roden expected handicapped accessibility and other requirements would have to be installed before service could move between post office buildings.

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