Cassville cafeterias receive Silver Spoon Awards

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Awards mark first time all three cafeterias win at same time

For the first time all together, each of the three kitchens at the Cassville school district received perfect scores on inspections, earning them Silver Spoon Awards.

The kitchens are abuzz throughout the school day, providing nourishment and nutrition to students and staff.

"We are very proud of the kitchen staff," said Richard Asbill, superintendent of Cassville schools.

The kitchens did not receive any violations during health inspections. School cafeterias are among a group known as "high priority" establishments due to the volume of food and people served. The Silver Spoon Program began seven years ago and recognizes food service establishments that did not receive any critical or non-critical health violations during inspections over the course of the year.

The health department's environmental services department conducts routine inspections of all food service establishments in the county. Findings are divided into two categories: critical and non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to result in food contaminations, illness or injury. Non-critical violations, though significant to the health and hygiene of the establishment, do not necessarily present an immediate threat. Frequency of inspections are determined by public health priority, which are calculated by a risk assessment worksheet. Rating levels include high, of which establishments are inspected a minimum of three times per year; medium, which are inspected at least twice per year; and low, which are inspected a minimum of once per year.

"Our food service staff work hard to serve breakfast and lunch to over 2,000 individuals each day," Asbill said. "We are proud that their efforts and professional development work in providing an effective and safe food service department for the Cassville R-IV School District, and our students and staff."

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