Disaster declaration made for Barry, Lawrence counties

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Official: Barry County not likely to see immediate FEMA impact

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced Saturday night that President Barack Obama has signed an emergency declaration for the 60 counties in Missouri, including Barry and Lawrence.

The declaration limits assistance to schedules A and B, which Barry County Emergency Management Director David Compton said covers only things like debris removal and sheltering. He said 90 percent of Barry County's damage is in other areas, mainly roads.

While there will be little immediate effect from FEMA, Compton said he is confident the county will qualify for public assistance, and possibly individual assistance, after a report is submitted Tuesday and FEMA officials survey the worst of the damage over the next two weeks.

Compton said the state's threshold for public assistance is $6 million, and Barry County would have to meet $126,000 in damages to get a wider-reaching declaration.

Compton said total damages in Barry County are estimated at $1.5 million, without including the figures from flooding in July. More refined numbers will be submitted this week, as Compton said some road districts on Saturday were just getting a first look the aftermath.

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