Seligman ready to take 
ownership of local cemetery

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Resolution will disband association

The city of Seligman is almost ready to take ownership of the Seligman cemetery, a project in the works for the last two months, due to lack of funds and manpower for the association to continue managing it.

"Our city attorney drafted paperwork and deeds, so we're just waiting on the association to dissolve and sign everything over to the city," said Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk. "They're going to hold a special meeting to do that. They'll have a couple people who will help us get a good grasp on everything and their routine and such, but then it will pretty much be the city managing it."

As for the additional mowing responsibility on the three-acre plot, Nichols did not think it would place a burden on the city.

"It may come down to hiring summertime help, and their primary focus will be the cemetery," he said.

"The transfer is in its final stages," said John Dean, treasurer and board member of the cemetery association. "The next thing to be done is the association has to meet and adopt a resolution to disband the association, and a few other details like setting up maps."

Dean said he is ready for the transition to be completed, and anticipates that will occur sometime in January after the holidays.

During the transition, association board members will still be working with the city, but just as temporary liaisons.

"I think the city is looking forward to managing it," Dean said. "That's a feather in the cap for the city, too, and it would benefit them because they have more workers there to take care of it."

Just a few remaining association members have been caring for the 150-year-old cemetery for the last 20 years. The cemetery dates back to to the Civil War era and includes three acres on one lot and three acres on another vacant lot.

Previously, the land the cemetery sits on was a private, family cemetery, called the Frost Cemetery, but later was named the Seligman Cemetery because of its location.

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