IDC hosts dinner for industry leaders

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Cassville Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Board of Directors hosted an informational dinner for industry leaders Tuesday, Oct. 27 at the Cassville Golf Course. The event also served as a networking opportunity for industry professionals.

Bill Shiveley, chief executive officer of Barry Electric Cooperative, discussed the fiber optic project Go Bec is currently implementing across a portion of Barry County. Go Bec is a subsidiary of Barry Electric Coop. The addition of fiber optics across the county has the potential to increase economic development activity for our region.

Doug Stroemel, administrator at Mercy Hospital, Cassville, spoke in regards to healthcare trends on a global and nationwide level and how these trends impact Barry County and the local Mercy facility. Stroemel also discussed advancements in medical care and how these changes can expand the care that is provided to local Mercy patients.

"Our objective of the meeting was to thank those in attendance for the contribution their companies have made to the success and commerce of Cassville over recent years," stated Stan Kelley, IDC chairman. "We wanted those in attendance to understand the function and purpose of the IDC which is to promote industrial and economic growth in Cassville area."

The IDC was established in 1955, and was designed to work in partnership with local leaders, businesses and the City of Cassville to promote industrial development.