New Purdy business proposes narrowing street

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Innovative Natural Solutions to create 8 new jobs

A new business coming to Purdy requested permission to build a new sidewalk into Commercial Street.

Aldermen reacted positively while requesting more details.

Bill Young spoke in behalf of his son, Devin Bennett, a partner in Innovative Natural Solutions. The business, which is affiliated with Ed Mareth's Project Genesis, plans to install a fruit and vegetable juice processing plant. The business is expected to employ eight people, Young said.

Bennett removed the north side of the MFA building, north of City Hall, to install a 30-by-60-foot freezing unit. He plans to add a metal awning to match the one Mareth placed on the historic Purdy hotel on Washington Avenue that now serves as the Project Genesis headquarters. The north half of the building will be used for an office, and the rest for the processing operation.

Young provided aldermen with drawings of the south view of the building, where Bennett would like to add an 11-foot wide loading dock that will connect to a new four-foot sidewalk extending to the east along Commercial Street, making an 11-foot sidewalk between the building and the New Genesis Park across the street. The dock will enable the business to keep trucks off the street, which has been a problem with other Project Genesis operations.

The 80-foot street presented no obstacle for aldermen when Young asked about extending the sidewalk four more feet into the street. There is still room for eight-foot wide parallel parking on both sides of Commercial. Mayor Steve Roden observed that the east side of the building does not draw much traffic. He asked for specific measurements, so that the city could formally surrender the needed right of way.

Young said he may need quick approval from the city because Bennett wanted to pour five inches of concrete over the existing building and create the loading dock at the same time. He said the company plans to keep the building up to U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for a food processing plant.

Bennett now owns the MFA property up to the old city garage.

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