Sales tax drops slightly over last November

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cassville down $108 compared to same month in 2014

Sales tax totals to Barry County and its cities in November offered a very close comparison with the same month a year ago.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $430,101.12. Factoring out Cassville's new transportation tax, the sum represented a drop of $108.73.

Cassville's 1-percent sales tax for general bills produced $60,422.98, down $6,724.77 for the month.

Seligman's Walmart drove its 1-percent tax up to $8,165.70, up $2,227.58 or 37 percent.

Wheaton again saw its 1-percent tax yield 1.5 times its half-percent tax, producing $4,535.44 or up $1,420.04.

Oddly, Washburn's 1-percent tax yielded an amazingly small $321.03. Washburn's three sales taxes produced a combined total of $642.08, down 82 percent from a year ago and even less than half of what the city received in 1995 on an off-month.

Purdy's half-percent sales tax for general expenses fell for the second time in three months, generating $4,127.66, down $813.58 from a year ago. The sharp boost in July has sustained Purdy's five-month fiscal year balance of $33,994.66 at a record pace, $7,600 ahead of last year.

Purdy's general fund tally for 2015 of $66,001.83 has held $1,200, or 23 percent, ahead of last year's pace.

Monett's two sales taxes for general expenses, down in October by $10,000, recovered nearly half that in November. The two taxes generated $144,170.17, up $4,024.72 from a year ago, only $500 shy of the November record in 2013. The sum boosted the eight-month fiscal year total to $1,286,079.31, about $40,000, or 3 percent, under last year's pace.

Monett's 11-month 2015 total showed a $78,000 or nearly 5-percent gain in the almost $1,750,000 sum.

Barry County's two half-percent sales taxes each yielded $158,463, each down by $6,724 from a year ago. Even the .125 tax for the general fund, generating $39,518.37, was off by $420.99.

Barry County's 911 sales tax produced $118,750.91 for the month, down almost $5,000 from a year ago. The 2015 tally has topped last year's pace by $53,000, or 4 percent.

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