Cassville Senior Center seeking new administrator

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Applications being accepted for position offering variety of benefits

The Cassville Senior Center is taking applications for the position of administrator.

Work hours are 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The position offers a full benefit package with major medical, dental and life insurance, 11 paid holidays and paid hours off.

"It's a great organization," said Christine Thompson, director of field operations for the Southwest Missouri Office on Aging. "We serve thousands of people."

Thompson said the organization is seeking someone with a degree in a human services area, someone who has an outgoing personality, and who cares about seniors and people in general, as the center offers services to more than just seniors.

"We're looking for someone who has a degree in human services, such as sociology, psychology, education, law enforcement, or a nurse," she said. "If they do have a degree in something else, we can run it through the state."

Thompson said the position is a dual-job.

"They're going to be the senior center administrator and assessment associate," she said. "What that entails is that they're going to handle all the in-house things like the activities and resources seniors need, plus hospitality. They need to work well with the board. The assessment associate would do Medicaid assessments.

Thompson said the position offers variety and requires someone who is flexible, people-oriented and task-oriented.

"You wear so many different hats," she said. "You may be in your office doing something, and you just need a senior that needs to talk five minutes, give that person the attention they need, then get back to your focus."

Offering hospitality, having an upbeat personality, and just making everyone feel welcome are some of the most important aspects of the job, according to Thompson.

"Especially during lunch time, we would like [the new administrator] to be out there visiting," Thompson said. "We want everyone to feel welcome, come back, and bring their friends."

Thompson said the center would like to offer more activities, but the personality and offerings of each center are unique, and the administrator sets the tone.

"We've got 35 [centers], and they're all as different as night and day," she said. "We want the administrator to be their own entity, but would like to see more activities, more Lunch-and-Learns. We want the new administrator to think outside the box and develop their own types of things. We want that for all our centers."

Along with the full benefit package, there are plenty of other benefits, too, according to Thompson, who has worked for the agency for 10 years.

"You could never give of yourself enough of what you get back," she said. "I'm in awe every day what I get back from the seniors. They grew up in a different time and place than we did. It was simpler and I really learn a lot from them. It's almost an unconditional love. They're deeper thinkers. They say what they mean, and I just really enjoy that.

"And, we have new seniors coming up, baby boomers who bring different things to the table. We bring technology and it's really a difference of things thrown into a potpourri mix."

There are also daily, intrinsic benefits of fun, laughter and adventure.

"Every day is a new adventure," Thompson said. "Your day can change with the answer of a phone. It's about creating happiness. Everyone has a different reason they're there. We want want this to be long-term, to be a career for someone. There are always advancement opportunities."

For more information on the position, people may contact Thompson at 417-862-0762. To apply for the position, people may email a resume to Thompson at:, or fax to: 417-865-2683.

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