Cassville High School 
completes sidewalk project

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Shown is a portion of the new sidewalk that was recently completed at Cassville High School, which connects all three ball fields and the concession stand. The sidewalk can also be accessed from the parking lot, and was added to improve safety and add convenience for students, staff and visitors. Contributed photo

New walking paths improve accessibility to ball fields

With the completion of a sidewalk project at Cassville High School, there is now improved access for the public during sporting events.

Approximately 950 feet of sidewalk was laid on the school grounds, which connects the soccer, softball and baseball fields, concession stand and restroom facilities, and in the process, added a visible update to the grounds.

Dusty Reid, director of facilities and operations for the school district, said the main goal for the project, which cost approximately $27,000 and was part of the school's capital projects plan, was to increase access for everyone, especially those who may have difficulty walking on rough surfaces or use a wheelchair.

The new sidewalk connects all three fields and can be accessed from the parking lot.

"We wanted to make it an easier trip for everyone, and for everyone to enjoy the events and watch their family members play," Reid said. "We began working on this project in early September and are excited to have everything finished before our fall sports season comes to an end. We feel it is important that our facilities are safe and easy to navigate for everyone.

"The addition of the new sidewalk will be an improved safety measure and an added convenience for our students, staff, visiting team and spectators."

The project, which was completed by Classic Concrete LLC, took about three weeks to complete.

"We got bids on material and labor and hired Classic Concrete, LLC, which is owned by a Cassville alumnus," Reid said. "We dealt with weather so we had a few delays when it would rain, but relatively speaking, it went pretty fast."

Previously, the walking path from the parking lot to the softball and soccer bleachers consisted of only a gravel road with base rock exposed, and the pathway from the gravel road to the concession stand and restrooms included a trek up a steep, grass-covered incline.

"So, we added the walkway up to the concession stand which is [American Disabilities Act] compliant," he said. "We're just really excited to provide better access for the patrons and provide a place for family members to come and watch the games."

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