Reconstruction of city parks' courts delayed

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

anticipated to be completed next spring

Reconstruction of the city's tennis, basketball and shuffleboard courts, which was anticipated to begin sometime this summer, will have to wait a little longer.

According to Steve Walensky, public works director for the city, the work has been delayed due to construction.

"Construction can't get to it until November," Walensky said. "We can put in the foundations but can't paint until spring. Naturally, we'd like to see it done this year and this budget cycle, but it is what it is."

In June, Walensky said the city was just waiting for available dates from Hutchens Construction, the Cassville-based contractor hired to do part of the renovations, to schedule the work. The city was ready to move forward with the project after finding $25,000 in the parks and storm water tax fund for park projects to help fund the project, which came in at a total cost of $64,175.

Complete renovations were planned for the tennis court, basketball courts, and shuffleboard court. The shuffleboard court will be removed, and two pickleball courts added. The tennis and basketball courts will have a green playing surface with a red border outside the game surface. The color of the pickleball courts is yet to be determined.

The city plans to do the demolishing and repacking, and had hired Hutchens and Gerald Perry Tennis Company to complete the actual renovations.

All of the courts, which have large cracks, are in need of repair and renovation due to general aging.

"It's atrophied over the years and just needs to be taken care of," Walensky said. "Our hope is that once it's completed, we get a lot of people using our parks again. We want to make our park the best we can with what we can afford to do."

The total price tag includes the original bid from Hutchens for the two tennis courts at $37,950, a $9,450 bid from Gerald Perry Tennis Company, the Springfield-based contractor hired to do the resurfacing, and $16,775 from Gerald Perry Tennis Company for the crack repair, resurfacing and painting of the basketball and pickleball courts.

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