Tax sale brings county $30K

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Amount 80 
percent less 
than last year

Barry County Collector Janice Varner said at the recent delinquent tax sale, 57 of 151 properties sold, netting $30,350.21.

The sale marks an 80 percent drop in revenue compared to last year, which brought in $150,441.38 for the county.

"I'd consider it a good sale," Varner said. "We had some larger properties to sell last year. The tax sale in general is an interesting procedure."

This year's sale had 40 registered bidders, a decrease of 10 from 2014.

The highest-selling property, two lots in Shawnee Woods, sold for $19,000. It has $1,506.46 in three years of back taxes, and the property owner has one year to redeem the property, which would include paying the back taxes, the $19,000 sale price and interest.

"We have several people who come back and redeem properties," Varner said. "The tax sale is something that goes on through the whole year, like people redeeming. So, it's a year-long process."

Properties with back taxes must be put up for sale three times, then if not sold, they are turned over to the county trustees, who may sell properties for the county.

The annual delinquent tax sale is held each fourth Monday in August throughout the state.

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