Exeter School District's reserves up

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Budget adjusted as needed for enrollment

Financial reserves for the Exeter school district have increased since last year, as the district's reserves moved from 30 percent in 2015 to 33 percent this year.

Keeping reserves up is one of Superintendent Ernest Raney's goals.

"We try to operate within our means," Raney said. "We've looked at capitol improvement projects but try to keep those within the budget, and mainly, with any variations in funding, we want to be able to weather any financial funding formula issues that may arise with legislature as it changes."

One line item in schools' budgets that can impact funding is enrollment.

"You look at your enrollment and try to make sure that as it varies from year-to-year, you adjust," Raney said. "About five years ago, we had two classes of kindergarten coming in with two teachers, and every year thereafter, we had just one class of kindergarten. We have graduated larger numbers of seniors, and smaller numbers have come in over the last few years.

"So, through attrition, we make those adjustments without having to let anyone go. If you are elementary-certified, you are certified to teach grades one through six. We just move people around as needed."

Raney said some years, the district has more students in different grades, and some years, less.

"It comes in waves," he said. "Next year we'll probably have two kindergarten classes come in. There's a preschool program, or they can elect to go to Head Start. You add them all up, and you get more kids in the fall. We're probably going to have close to 40. You just pay attention to your enrollment numbers and adjust your personnel accordingly."

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