Gas leak discovered at Exeter High School

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

District shuts off gas, aims to fix leak before winter

A gas leak was recently found at Exeter High School, and district officials are working to get the issue fixed.

"It was an outside gas line," said Ernest Raney, superintendent. "The gas was shut off to that portion of the building."

Since the gas line is connected to heaters, and the leak occurred during warm temperatures, it did not impact students, staff, or pose a safety issue. Raney said now attention turns to fixing the issue before cold weather comes.

"We don't need heat right now so it allows us the time we need to take care of the issue and get it fixed," he said. "Maintenance comes by every summer and tests the gas before school starts. They worked with plumbers to fix it, and I think the repairs will be done soon."

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