12-year-old takes 4 awards at fair

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Hunter Chasteen, 12, of Cassville, stands by his boar and two gilts at the Ozark Empire Fair in August, where he won several awards, including Champion Landrace with his Boar named Dominic. Contributed photo

Chasteen earns Champion Landrace with boar

Cassville resident Hunter Chasteen was recently recognized at the Ozark Empire Fair for his Landrace pigs, taking a quartet of awards at the annual event.

His first time to show, Chasteen, 12, won Grand Champion Landrace in the Junior and Open Show with his Landrace boar, named Dominator. His Landrace gilt, Cupcake, took Reserve Champion for Landrace (2nd place), and his gilt, Princess, placed third in both Junior and Open Show.

Hunter Chasteen, 12, of Cassville, holds the awards he won at the Ozark Empire Fair in August with his Boar pig and two Gilts. Contributed photo

"We are very proud of him in his start with animals," said parents Dwane Chasteen and Melissa Inman. "He plans on doing it again next year. His goal this year was the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield. He wants to go to the state fair next year. He also showed at the Barry County Fair and Purdy Fair this year.

"He would like to thank everyone who supported him, including Roaring River Health and Rehab Administrator Russ Newby, who breeds and shows Landrace pigs, and daughter Jasmine Newby for getting him started and helping him prepare to show."

"I like meeting all the new kids and adults at the shows, getting advice on how to make my pigs better next year, and I love working with animals," Hunter Chasteen said.

Hunter Chasteen, 12, of Cassville, gives his pigs a shave to prepare them to compete at the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield. Contributed photo

Inman said this is Chasteen's second year working with pigs.

"He has to feed them every morning, work with them in the evenings and give them baths," she said. "He trains them to walk with him. During shows, judges look at details like a pig's musculature, how they walk and posture."

To motivate the pigs to walk with him, Chasteen said he treats them to a marshmallow or Oreo cookie.

"Next year he'll be in [FFA]," Inman said. "He's hopefully going to get to breed next year."

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