Wildcat Stadium press box completed

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Activities and Athletic Director Doug Martin, Freedom Bank President Stan Kelley and Head Football Coach Lance Parnell stand in front of the newly renovated press box at Wildcat Stadium. The previous press box was over 30 years old and no longer considered safe for students and staff to use. The new structure includes seven rooms, and the floor was raised to improve the view for staff and media working inside the box during events. Freedom Bank contributed $2,500 toward completion of the structure. Other local businesses also contributed. Julia Kilmer reporter@cassville-democrat.com

Marquee, Wildcat logos only pieces to be added

Cassville school district has completed renovations of the new press box at Cassville Wildcat Stadium.

"We are very proud of the job our maintenance staff has done with our newly renovated press box," said Richard Asbill, superintendent. "We are excited to have a safe, sturdy structure our coaches, game operators, media, visiting team personnel, and others can utilize during school events at Wildcat Stadium."

Asbill said the original press box was over 30 years old.

"It was built in the 1980's and served its purpose for a long time," he said. "However, it was no longer considered a safe structure."

The school maintenance department began working on the project in January. The rooftop access was eliminated for safety and insurance reasons and to protect staff and equipment from weather conditions.

Renovation project costs came in at just over $22,000.

In contrast, new construction press box kits or general contractor quotes were well over $100,000, if the district would have outsourced the work.

"We know our community expects good things for our students and staff and our maintenance staff worked hard to build an excellent facility that our community can be proud of and that enhances the image of our school to visitors who compete at Wildcat Stadium," said Dusty Reid, director of facilities and operations.

The renovated structure is divided into seven rooms, and the floor was raised to improve the view for staff and media who will be working inside the press box during school events.

"'Home of the Wildcats' and two wildcat logos will be added to the front east side of the press box within the next couple of weeks, and the project will be finished," Asbill said.

Freedom Bank provided a $2,500 contribution to distrtict to aid in the renovations.

"Cassville sports programs continue to excel and improve in many ways," said Stan Kelley, president of Freedom Bank Of Southern Missouri. "Freedom Bank was eager to make a donation toward the impressive enhancements made to the press box. It portrays Cassville schools in a progressive manner, not only to the people in the community, but also to the visitors coming to Wildcat Stadium."

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