Barry-Lawrence library branches see changes

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Repairs made, staff changes authorized

Branches in the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system saw changes in the facilities and staff in recent months.

The Aurora Branch incurred damage in the April hail storm. Insurance covered $7,731 in repairs.

Due to other issues, a section of the sub-roof collapsed on the rafters. Roofer Kenny Golubski identified a drain pipe on the roof in the old section over the children's section, separation of the rubber membrane roof over the adult area and a drain elbow over the fiction area that needed attention. Golubski and Davco made repairs, and estimates were sought on the roof membrane issue.

Staff had to evacuate the Shell Knob Branch on June 13 due to an overwhelming smell. The odor was traced to a dead animal under the roof on the backside of the building. Lock Construction removed the source and replaced the soffit moved in the process.

Installation of the new parking lot in the Bridgeway Plaza concluded, providing better access to the Shell Knob Branch. The sign announcing the location of the new branch nearby went in place and has generated positive commentary.

The window by the front door of the Miller Branch developed a crack the ran nearly the length of the window. A new double paned, gray-tinted window was ordered.

Following a lack of service by the custodial service hired to clean the Pierce City Branch, the custodian hired for the Monett Branch received additional duties to clean Pierce City as well.

Library board members approved three staff changes for the fiscal year beginning on July 1. With the restoration of some state funding, Director Gina Milburn received authorization to restore the adult services assistant at the Cassville Branch and the youth services assistant at the Marionville Branch to full-time positions. Both had dropped to part-time. The board also approved adding a part-time assistant at Eagle Rock, allowing another half-day open.

At the Mt. Vernon Branch, Mikayla Jones replaced Kathy Wells, and Ashton McCann replaced Jill Ostertag, in the two part-time clerk positions.

Milburn said the experimental Pop Up Library proved successful in reaching new patrons. The vehicle-based service made four stops in rural Marionville at the Buck Prairie Church, at the Chesapeake Fish Hatchery, the Reavisville First Baptist Church and the Butterfield Stage Stop.

"Reaching just one new customer made this a success," Milburn said. "It was most successful with customers without cards. We used books that didn't necessarily have to be returned. We'll consider different days to provide service and consider different stops, like festivals. We'll keep it going."

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