Seligman using interactive tech to lay out water, sewer systems

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Online tool to cost $150 per year, will help 
identify problem areas

The City of Seligman accepted a proposal from Anderson Construction for a geographical interaction system (GIS), which includes an interactive, online digital planning and zoning map that would lay out the city's entire water and sewer systems.

The cost to the city is $150 a year, and Brian Nichols, city clerk, said it will be extremely helpful for daily use, and for the upcoming water study. The website would not only digitally layout the city's water and sewer infrastructure, including the location of pipes, valves, hydrants, water meters and manholes, but would allow city personnel to log on and zoom in to view any area of the city and any work that's been done.

It would also assist engineering personnel in building water and sewer maps, as well as locating problem areas as they compile information for the upcoming water study to submit to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The city has yet to decide which engineering firm will be used for the study.

"Back in 2007, Anderson did our water study," Nichols said.

Whichever firm is chosen will create maps for all the water lines, Nichols said.

"When they do this, they can use this information [on the website] to build the water and sewer maps," he said. "That way, we'll have an interactive map and can find every valve, manhole, water line, and can also track updates we've done to it.

"It makes sense to go with whoever does our water study because they will be using it. Right now, we're in the selection stage to select the engineer that's going to do the study. The DNR has pre-approved us for 100 percent of the study."

Nichols said once the city decides, he will make contact with the firm, which will start mapping out the system and present a report of their recommendations and scope of what they plan to do to address problem areas.

"Once they send that to me, then I'll submit all the paperwork to the DNR," he said.

The deadline to submit the report to the DNR is Aug. 26.

"We're ready for it," Nichols said.

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