Purdy set to resurface 
6 streets

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aldermen expand effort when costs fall below estimates

More street work than expected will be done in Purdy this summer following action by the Purdy City Council.

With $100,000 budgeted, Mayor Steve Roden and Teddy McIntire, public works superintendent, surveyed city streets and determined which ones most needing work. They identified all of Madison, Chrittendon and West Jefferson, as well as South Caldonia to the dead end. Hutchens Construction, the only contractor to bid on the job, quoted $83,678 for those four streets.

Seeing room for more work, McIntire reassessed the remaining streets and suggested adding Lynn Lane, which stops at a dead end, and Washington Street from Fourth to Ninth, which he called one of the roughest streets in town. The two additions raised the total bill to $123,866.

Aldermen agreed and approved the extra spending. Roden observed the city held off spending for a few years while facing uncertainty in negotiations over its sewer situation. Spending on streets now seemed within limits and still less than on past occasions.

Hutchens will apply a two-inch asphalt overlay. Roden said the contractor would also even out rolls and dips at intersections. In a separate contract, Hutchens will also rebuild the asphalt road running east to west in front of the community building for $28,784.25. The contractor is expected to send in work crews during the summer.

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