Purdy City Council approves repairs

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Park, community center to see work

The city of Purdy will take action on its city park complex, making improvements to the Purdy Community Center and connecting roadway.

City council members voted to replace the roof on the community center, accepting a bid for $8,959.69 from Three-Way Construction. The only other bid came from Jerry Bennett for $10,868.78. According to alderman Bo Prock, the structure of the building prevented construction of a conventional roof on the structure.

Leakage problems this spring prompted aldermen to take action on the roof. The old roof is believed to be around 40 years old.

Aldermen accepted a bid of $28,784.25 from Hutchens Construction to rebuild the asphalt road running east to west in front of the community building. Work will extend from the west end of the building to the east and includes the addition of base rock. Public works superintendent Teddy McIntire said the cost might be less if base rock is not needed.

Aldermen approved the bid with the contingency that the price may drop further if the public works crew also helps by tearing out the old road surface. Action on the project was delayed while alderman Bo Prock sought a bid from APAC Missouri. Prock reported APAC would not bid on a job in the area at the present time.

Work on the roadway is expected to take less than a week. The council stipulated the contractor would have to finish the work so that the parking lot could be used for the fourth annual Purdy Festival on Saturday or wait until after the festival.

While Hutchens has crews in down, McIntire reported which street repairs he planned to have finished. These included Madison Street from Commercial to Seventh, Crittendon from Highway 37 to Edina, West Jefferson from Highway 37 to Edina, and Caledonia to its west end.

Mayor Steve Roden said the city has around $100,000 set aside for road improvements for the city's new fiscal year, beginning July 1.

Aldermen expressed support for a new idea suggestion another use for the street use by the community building. James Fuller and Charles Fletcher from Edgewood Farms spoke in favor of organizing a farmer's market in Purdy. Fuller said he spoke with Gerry Wass, faculty sponsor for the Purdy High School Spanish Club, which runs the recycling center east of the park.

The Purdy School District would sponsor the farmer's market, Fuller said. The service would be open to anyone. Rather than charge a fee, participants would be asked to donate seven and a half hours over a year's time to the recycling program, service calculated to be worth $52.

Fuller said the farmer's market would be open 3:30 to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, the weekly day the recycling center is open to accept material. That way participants could schedule their volunteering at the same time. Organizers did not want to compete with other farmer's markets that are generally open on Saturdays.

"The city is 100 percent behind that," Roden said.

Fletcher said his dairy would sell dairy products, including pasteurized but not homogenized milk with the cream on top. He planned to set up by the recycling center to use the facility's electricity.

The first day for the farmer's market was on Tuesday.

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