Pothole work, chip and seal on tap in Purdy Special Road District

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New road district commissioner taking aggressive approach

A flurry of activity has taken place at the Purdy Special Road District this spring.

According to Rick Scott, new road district commissioner, all the roads in the 63-mile network received work over the past 90 days, leaving it unclear what direction additional summer projects will take.

Scott, who serves with fellow commissioners Danny Boyd and David Henry, said the past winter was horrible on the district's roads. His approach has contrasted with past efforts by district foreman Marvin Carney, who is no longer with the organization.

"We tried to attack all the roads," Scott said. "We're trying to focus more on getting it done rather than talking about it. We won't get them all fixed this year by any means. We will keep them passable."

Scott identified potholes as the biggest problem in the district, calling all the roads a priority. He ruled out any use of expensive hot mix resurfacing this year, based on a bid sheet he had seen for the area. District crews, not an outside contractor, will lay the only asphalt this year.

"Right now, we're just trying to figure out what roads are salvageable and where we can take the extra step to save that road," Scott said.

Crews may get the green light later for as much as three miles of chip and seal resurfacing. Henry wants to target Old Highway 37. Boyd has eyed Farm Road 1085 from south of the Purdy city limits to the Kings Prairie district, a distance of two miles. Scott wants to work on Highway BB, what he refers to as "Walmart road," because of the heavy traffic heading around Monett, another two miles. Scott anticipated conversations on what to do would continue into July.

Scott praised the work of James Fuller, the district's new employee. He liked Fuller's aggressive approach to problems, which is similar to his own.

"If there's anything we're going to do, it is chip and seal," Young said. "I'm going to be involved. We're going to go until we can't go farther. We're going to spend the money wisely.

"At least we're making an attempt so people have a reason to be happy with us. I've not had any complaints. Eventually, we'll be doing something right. As long as we're making progress, we're going to stay with the program."

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