Cassville receives Fleet Excellence award for buses

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Department of Transportation to award districts' mechanics

The Cassville School District recently received a Fleet Excellence bus award.

The district's two head mechanics, Jason Roller and Doyle Ray, will accept the award at the annual transportation workshop in Springfield in July.

In order to get the award, school buses must receive a 100-percent score on inspection. In March, the district received a perfect score at its annual bus inspection for the district's 25-28 buses. According to Richard Asbill, superintendent, the school just received an official letter from the Department of Transportation confirming the award.

"Any school bus used in the state goes through an inspection with the Missouri Highway Patrol," he said. "Some districts have contracted bus services, we own our own buses and use our own drivers. The Missouri Highway Patrol gives a review and you get a percentage of the number of buses that passed inspection. So, based on that, we received the award. We received the total Fleet Excellence award the first time, indicating that 100 percent of our buses passed inspection.

"We have two head mechanics who work on our buses, on safety, tires, breaks, engine work. We're able to do that in house. Cassville has been at 90-95 percent in inspections for 20-25 years, so it's something we're very proud of."

Asbill said Ray has been with the Cassville school district for 25 years and Roller joined the district last December but previously worked as a mechanic for the Southwest district for 18 years.

The school district has 25-28 buses, which travel about 1,700 miles a day combined.

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